May 7, 2009

Colin Powell - Out of Touch

Colin Powell, keep on talking! I'm not going to tell You to shut the hell up!
Maybe you have a problem with jumping ship, switching sides, being a turncoat or maybe you don't have the sphincter that Specter has, so if you are defecting to the it and quit pretending to be a problem solver for the GOP.
Colin Powell has lost my respect. The more he tells others to 'shut up' and become more moderate, the more he shows us where his true loyalty lies...not many Republicans endorsed Obama, but he did. He makes comments about Rush’s words and tells all the vocal conservatives to tone it down and wait until the 'master plan' for the Republican party is announced. OK...haven't we been doing that for years? Why can't he spend his media time talking up the Good, the positive things the Republicans are doing in Washington. Talk about the ones who are fighting the good fight, the ones who show up and champion a bill that reflects the New GOP. Showcase a new face that might be worth supporting in 2012.
“Americans are looking for more government in their lives, not less,” he said. “Americans do want to pay taxes for services.”
With comments like that, he shows just how 'out of touch' he really is. If the man cannot do something positive, maybe he needs to stop talking period.....or attend a Tea Party or two and listen to some normal people!

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