Aug 8, 2010

What American Dream?

One surely wonders these days when these people will ever awaken from their long slumber to realize that their once sought after “American Dream” has turned into an “American Nightmare”, all occurring as these same people neglected to remember one of the most time-honored and fundamental facts of human existence, that the future for our children rests in what we do today, and, perhaps, best articulated by the great American Revolutionary War Patriot Thomas Paine who said,
“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”


  1. So true. It goes right straight down to the single family unit.

    I am UAW by default and some people I work with that are married with children I simply cannot understand? All I hear is me, me, me. No thought whatsoever as to what the future will be for their offspring?

    When I was single and people asked me why I worked so hard I told them well for the money of course. Now asked the same question after marriage and a daughter I answer; FOR THEM! And more specifically my daughter.

    The people mentioned above (me, me, me) at work avoid me like the plauge as they know I will take them to task and throw so much guilt their way that stuns them into silence that you could hear a pin drop on busy factory floor.

    My desire in this IS to shame them but not for shames sake, but rather to make them look in the mirror and spur forward thinking.

  2. Well Christopher, I was a manager in a union shop and saw "unionism" first hand every day. i have to say there are some good people there that do indeed have a good work ethic and do not buy into the union rhetoric. I pray that those people are strong enough to withstand the peer pressure coming their way. You sound like you can, and I hope you and those like you have a support system in place. I think things are going to get ugly...

    Good Post Deep! Where did all the wisdom go? Did it all die before 1800??


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