Aug 20, 2010

American Pride -Where?

Do we really need to have a reason not to let any ethnic, religious,or political group to use our own constitution to manipulate our laws vs. common sense to erect a glareing 'in your face' monument to violence against the very principals we are as AMERICANS?

Our President refuses to acknowledge what is so painfully obvious to the rest of America, we who clearly remember the horror of 9-11, must stand up and put an end to this madness by collectively saying "NO!" to the
Islamic "victory" mosque at Ground Zero.

All that said....think of this. America and being proud to be an American is at stake. There has been a constant tearing down. dumbing down and weakinging of 'Patriotism' for America. It's a shame that we have to wait every 4 years to get excited about the Olympics to feel all warm & fuzzy about how great America is. Our kids question when it is appropriate to place their hands over their hearts to pledge or to fold their hands to pray, yet we bend over backwards to accommidate political radicals and Imams. Illegal aliens and those who wish to give them amnesty are causing further means to mutilate, corrode, shatter, and abrade true Patriotism and Pride of all Americans.

Watch to following video. The events of our young nation, the Good and the Bad, the Hard and the Wonderful.....if this doesn't move you to realize why we need to remain Proud of America no matter what is thrown at us, then shut up and stay out of the way.


  1. Great video and a really good blog. For my entire lifetime-I'm now in my 50's- this has been the greatest,most free,nation on God's green earth,but, I have witnessed things I would never have believed could happen. I'm afraid America-and American freedom- may be getting ready to fall!

    We need a man -or woman- like Ronald Reagan-or George Washington-or Abe Lincoln to pull this country back from the Abyss!

    Keep up the good work my friend! I'm joining this blog as a follower please consider following mine. G.O.

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