Jul 6, 2010

UnFricken Believable! Sue Who???

This is very disturbing! Fifty-four percent (54%) of the total combined deficits of all the states in 2009 and 2010 are attributable to spending on illegal aliens. And this number ($84 billion annually) is probably understated in that it probably does not include the amount we spend for border control, law enforcement, and incarceration of illegal alien criminals. In addition, when one considers that these illegals do not pay much in taxes and take jobs from unemployed Americans, it is obvious that the price we pay for not enforcing our laws is unsustainable and immoral. And this is not racist...I'd say the same thing about any invasion from a foreign country. If Canadians were coming over by the millions and taking advantage of our system and sending the money home...I'd feel the same way.

And, instead of protecting the border which is one of his primary constitutional requirements, our manchurian president has the gaul to sue Arizona for trying to enforce the laws that the Federal government won't enforce. It's dereliction of duty! Look that one up, mr president, it's right above "deresive".

Barry, to quote Governor Brewer, "it's time to step up and do your job! Protect the border"!
Maybe the American people better sue YOU! Not protecting our country is an impeachable offense, you fool! (but then, the american people are cowards, right? Isn't that what your administration thinks and are counting on?)

Here is paragraph 18 of the Federal Government's complaint of injunction against Arizona:

18. In exercising its significant enforcement discretion, the federal government

prioritizes for arrest, detention, prosecution, and removal those aliens who pose a danger to national security or a risk to public safety. Consistent with these enforcement priorities, the

federal government principally targets aliens engaged in or suspected of terrorism or

espionage; aliens convicted of crimes, with a particular emphasis on violent criminals, felons,
and repeat offenders; certain gang members; aliens subject to outstanding criminal warrants;and fugitive aliens, especially those with criminal records.

The above is bizarre and simply not true. Enforcement priorities? Are you kidding? The reason the Feds prioritize arrests is because of limited resources - not because it is ok to violate the law. It's not ok to violate the law. The Feds simply don't have the manpower in law enforcement and the money to arrest and hold everyone who violates the law so naturally the Fed prioritize and focus on the most violent. But in this instance, the state of Arizona is saying essentially, "we will help. We will pick up the tab - manpower and custody for the Feds."

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  1. Obama and Holder are making an argument based upon union mentality (they are after all pro-union community organizers). Let's review:

    1. The federal government is responsible for securing the border, enforcing our security, and enforcing existing immigration laws.

    2. They are not doing their job.

    3. Someone who is willing to do the job steps in and starts the process (Arizona).

    4. The government (union) files a lawsuit (files a grievance) beause someone else is doing their job in an attempt to stop that group (Arizona).

    5. The federal giovernment (union) has no intention of actually doing the job even if they win their case...

    These guys have got to be nuts!


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