Jul 10, 2010

Equal Justice Under the Law

Not only does Todd Gaziano (Congressional appointee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights) claim that the 2008 Election Day voter intimidation charge against the Philadelphia New Black Panther Party was“open and shut,” but that Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes ordered, “Never bring another lawsuit against a black or other national minority, apparently no matter what they do.”
Like the Van Jones story, the ACORN story, and the Charlie Bolden/Muslim outreach story, this is another example of stories the MSM doesn’t want you to know about. And why not?

They don’t fit the narrative. WTF???
If this "narrative" is what they want America to look like, then they aren't going to be happy with me, my friends or family. Sorry, you socialistic dirt-bags, hate to burst your bubble, but I ain't going quietly into that dark night.
I thought we had all this race crap behind us (as we bent over), heck Obama wouldn't even be prez right now if all those liberal/progressive/naive White Crackers hadn't of voted for him in the name of race equality.

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  1. Ah, racism in America is alive and well. And while there may be many whites who are racist, in my humble opinion I believe, generally speaking, that the black community has been "handled" by the black leadership (Sharpton,Jackson, et al) and white elitists in politics over the years in a successful attempt into brain-washing them into believeing that white racists are everywhere. Now I know plenty of blacks who are not racist, but I think the "black victimhood" vs "white racist" rhetoric has reached a crescendo. For me, this president has succeeded in bringing the race issue into the forefront of our lives, willfully stirring the pot to see if he can get it to boil. I firmly believe his agenda is to cause enough racial tension that violence breaks out - maybe in a lot of places - and he can claim his "crisis" and suspend elections, or worse, just enact new Executive powers to "quell" the masses under the guise of "it's good for the country". This guy is an evil I'm not sure America can suvive. If she does, she will definitely be scarred for the remainder of her days. So yes, mr. president, you will be in the history books! Are you happy? I can only hope the progressives stop writing them so that the real truth will be known for posterity.


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