Jan 17, 2010

Master Delegator

As President, Obama is the top Delegator-in-Chief.

Yesterday he calls upon past Presidents Bush and Clinton to head up the Haiti issue, then today RIPS them both, but mainly Bush, when he campaigned for Coakley. Less than 24 hrs later. He delegates to them the responsibilty of Haiti so if there is 'bad press'for whatever reason, he can defer it to them.

He delegates major responsibilities in all aspects of his administration to unelected czars. He delegates his agenda to Pelosi and Reid and they do his dirty work. All the Dems follow him like sheep.

He sets the stage, pulls the strings and is the puppet master that has everyone doing his job for him...he is just the talking head. Suckers, all of them.

Hey Mr. Clinton! Who is doing the "Fetching" now?

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