Jan 20, 2010

The First Year of Obama

One down, three to go.
Everyday of the last 365, we watched something scary-new happen in DC that was meant to be Change. This Change came as an aggressive assault on conservative values, a government with a push toward extreme progressivism. The Push was to cram as much into the first year as possible while the Democrats ruled the house.
Last night we watched the election results in MA and we are now one seat closer to taking away the power of a one sided House and Senate and putting it back toward true democracy, the American way. Congrats to MA, to senate-elect Scott Brown, but more so to the People who have awaken, whatever your party. Bravo!

Here's my State of the Union Speech for today...what a year it has been!

RAH! RAH! GO TEAM...crap
I think it's been pretty damn clear whose side the President is on. He's on the side of his sponsors. As far as I'm concerned neither he, nor any member of Congress should be seen in public without a jacket covered with the logo patches of their corporate sponsors.

Obama will do the same thing Democrats always do and think that he went too far instead of going far enough. And that's because the Rahms and all the other DLC idjits have that crap hardwired in their shortsighted brains and that's who he's listening to. You are who you hang with.

Everyone knows this HealthCare legislation is a gift to the insurance industry. Everyone knows it's all about paying for illegals. Everyone knows this bill is a stealth tax on the middle class. Everybody knows this legislation is a bunch of bullshit sprinkled with loophole-laden "benefits" and Union pandering. The Liberals claim it's unpopular because of the teapartyer's 'deficit' concerns and the fear of big government ...with the Constitution being stomped on.

Obama f---ed up. If he had fought (which is what he was elected to do) on the side of the will of the people with Change, those few Blue Dog Democrats who chose to stand against him would be the ones in danger of going down (strip Lieberman of his frickin' committee assignments already) instead of this presidency and the whole of the Democratic Party. He has only been playing with his A team and has left the rest of the elected Body on the bench. He's only playing with Half of his resources, what coach does that? Transparency joke and BiPartisanship lipservice lies aside, his leadership is a failure.

Oh, and the Congressional liberals don't get a pass -- you cowards stood by while the Reid/Pelosi wackos crafted this POS bill, all the while refusing to listen to your constituents. You could have gotten respect by threatening to derail the POS bill or demanding it be put together right, but you stood by murmuring discontent and voting for the Monster anyway. Either you stand behind the legislation or you don't. If it doesn't reflect the will of those who voted for you, you betrayed them. Period. You lost your base.

I understand Nelson's problem-NEBR hates HCReform --it's so simple, vote against the bill, but no... he is Democrat. Instead he votes for cloture and lets the bill proceed. It all boils down to being chicken-shit and not wanting to ruffle the feathers of the big birds in the D party. Just Screw Nebr, vote party then.....maybe make a Turkey deal home to feed the flock? Man, he forgot who the true Huskers are.

Lastly, What the hell is this obsession with saving the seats of the endangered Democrats, anyway? We are broke. It won't be any fun without money to play with. Might as well go home. Who wants to fight for the job anyway. If their constituents want a Republican then vote for one, if they better represent the views of their districts and states. Being a Democrat is not like being jumped-in by a gang and there's no way out. Being signed up for either party is not a Lifetime commitment. You have choices and the freedom to vote your MIND. Your Party, whichever you choose, is not a All or or loose, rah-rah go team. We should become Fans of the Players, pick the ones you can support by way of performance or stats. Forget the team and get behind the best Players!

....wonder what the next three years will bring? Collapse of the Dollar, Food Shortage, Amnesty for all, Terrorism...oh boy, can't wait!

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