Jun 24, 2009



Lloyd Marcus is a singer, a songwriter, a patriot, and supporter of the Tea Party movement. Mr. Marcus is a dedicated conservative. Mr. Marcus is also African-American.

Janene Garofalo called all Tea Party participants "Racists" in a now infamous interview with Keith Olbermann. Lloyd Marcus was not amused and even wrote a letter to Ms. Garofalo. Read it HERE.
Mr. Marcus did more than just write a letter, however. He wrote a song. His song is now the Tea Party Anthem. It debuted worldwide yesterday on YouTube.

"Rick Santelli's rant ignited a fire across America. I, like my fellow patriots, was outraged by the Obama administration's hijacking of our Freedom, Liberty and Culture! While driving to Walmart, I wrote the lyrics and melody. Fearful of forgetting, what I felt was a great song, I called my recording studio and sang the song on the answering machine. I'm a talk radio and Fox news listener. Thus, I am pretty in tune with the feelings and concerns of my fellow conservatives," says Mr. Marcus.

"Upon hearing my anthem, my brilliant producer and long time friend, Frank Starchak, said he felt it was a gospel/rock song. Frank played all of the instruments. Due to scheduling problems and my deadline (having it ready for the March 21st Orlando Tea party), Jen Stackpole and I sang all of the voices."

'“American Tea Party Anthem” debuted on Orlando radio on a Tuesday, "Bud Hedinger Live!” By Thursday the song was featured on World Net Daily. Then, the bloggers embraced it. The following week it was a hit on YouTube and I was getting requests to perform it at Tea Parties around the country," says Marcus

From there Lloyd Marcus, put the song together for the worldwide debut on YouTube.

"Being a black man has made me a part of this (Tea Parties). There aren't a lot of black folk being outspoken," Mr. Marcus said.

Lloyd Marcus' new Tea Party Unity Song - "We The People"

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