Jun 28, 2009


Well, It Passed!
No Republicans voted for it plus 30 Dems with 11 not bothering to show up and vote. (8D&3R's) But then without READING the bill before voting...all the votes should have been no. Who does that?? Would you sign your name to anything without reading it first, let alone the most controversial piece of legislation in history?!


Looky what I found buried in the HR 2454...

Energy Refund Program and Entitlements-the Largest Welfare Program in History
The bill provides for the Secretary of HHS, in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture to provide monthly cash payments ("energy stamps") to reimburse certain low-income households for the estimated loss in their purchasing power resulting from H.R. 2454. The bill establishes uniform national standards of eligibility to ensure that States may "seamlessly" administer the "energy-stamps" program with the Food Stamp program. The bill establishes eligibility for individuals at 150 percent of poverty, and phased out thereafter. The energy stamps program would reach approximately 65 million individuals making it a larger program than TANF, food stamps, or even Medicaid. Despite its massive scope, over 200 million Americans would receive no benefits under this program. The bill would also require the EIA to estimate the annual total loss in purchasing power that would result from this bill for households of each size with gross income equal to 150 percent of poverty based on the projected total market value of all compliance costs (including cost of emission allowances) for determination of monthly energy refund amount. The bill provides that cash should be delivered by direct deposit into individual accounts, the State's electronic benefit transfer system, or another Federal or State mechanism approved by the HHS Secretary. The bill provides that the value of the refund shall not be considered income or resources for purposes of Federal, State or local laws.

then, all the heals of all the voting.....


Washington, D.C., June 24, 2009—The Competitive Enterprise Institute today charged that a senior official of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency actively suppressed a scientific analysis of climate change because of political pressure to support the Administration’s policy agenda of regulating carbon dioxide.

Are you pissed yet? Be resolved!

The more "bad" legislation that is passed, the easier it will be in 2010 to use the voting record to hold our representatives accountable.

Has anyone ever thought about the fact that other countries would have to do the same thing they want us to do in order to help so-called global warming. The US is only 1 country in a very large world and these stupid people in D.C. think it would do any good if only we did it! And at what COST do we need be the ones to set example for the rest of the world to follow suit? Either they are very dumb or they think we are! ....and soon the rest of the world will think we are all dumb too.

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