Sep 2, 2009

Barack Talk school kids!

Socialist indoctrination, that's what it is!
President Obama has planned a personal "unprecedented address" to all public school students on September 8. K through 6th graders are his target and most impressional age groups to speal his environmental, charity socialist values and equalizing agenda to little ears that only digest and remember the target words. Last thing I want my kids hearing is what patriotism is from a guy who has a problem with wearing a flag on his lapel.....and asking for a pledge to Himself and the Government. We the People, no matter what age, will not pledge to 'anything' other than the FLAG!

Looks like a longer Labor Day weekend for my kids....they will love the extra day off!
This Speech is not mandatory by the schools, they say.... happens by video/tv feed on Sept 8th.
I'm not going to the school and make a big stink about it either. Silent Boycott. If they want to add politics as a special event to the school day, then they can start with making the The Pledge of Allegiance a daily event!!

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  1. Pure leftist PROPAGANDA from the President of the United States - someone who is supposed to represent EVERY American, and someone who is sworn to uphold an oath to serve and protect the US Constitution. I don't see how belittling the Pledge of Allegiance fits that responsibility. Any progressives, liberals or other Obama supporters care to respond? Hmmmm?


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